Wolf Bracelet
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Wolf Bracelet

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 A twisted Metal Color Viking bracelet with two wolves facing off at the ends.Wolf Heads Arm Ring

As you know, Animals and creatures feature heavily in Norse mythology, and the wolf is one of the most revered of these. On top of having two ravens, Odin was believed to have two wolf companions, Geri and Freki. Geri was referred to as the ‘ravenous’ while Freki was referred to as the ‘greedy one’. 

The wolves would ride ahead of Odin in battle and race back to him to tell him what the situation was like at the front, giving Odin an advantage. In Norse culture, wolves were therefore seen as a symbol of knowledge, loyalty, and strength. Wolf arm bracelets were bestowed by powerful lords to their followers not only as a show of wealth but as bands they would wear as a sign of loyalty.

The wolf could also be a symbol of the giant wolf, Fenrir, a ferocious beast birthed by Loki and a giantess. Fenrir is one of the most feared creatures in Norse mythology and as much as the gods managed to subdue him, he is fated to break free and fight Odin at Ragnarok.

However you choose to perceive the wolf, we can all agree that he is the embodiment of strength, courage, and tenacity, which is what this bracelet brings out in the person that dons it.

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