Viking rune ring/Nordic runes.
Viking Wedding Ring
Viking Wedding Ring

Viking Wedding Ring

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Viking rune ring/Nordic runes.

Of all the common symbols, wedding bands are one of the oldest and almost synonymous with marriage itself. Over the years, they have been used to represent love and commitment and in old Nordic tradition, they also signified agreements between families and communities. The circular shape of wedding bands signify infinity, since there is no beginning nor end point in a circle. The symbolism portrayed by wedding bands is important across many cultures in the modern day world, and many couples add other signs to the bands to symbolize meaning that is more personal.

In the market today, Celtic bands are some of the most popular types available, especially among couples with an Irish background. They come in intricate, unique patterns and runes that even non-Irish couples fall in love with.

The Norse people believed that Odin discovered runes in an ordeal where he hung himself in the world tree called Yggdrasil for nine days. In the period, Odin fasted and gazed at the Well of Urd where the runes were inscribed. As a result, the runes themselves were believed to have mystical powers besides their capability to store and convey meaning. Runes were used extensively to prepare charms for healing, protection or even laying a curse.

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