Viking troll cross pendant
Viking troll cross pendant

Viking troll cross pendant

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A Viking Rune Troll Cross pendant with beautifully engraved detail around the cross’s loo

The Troll Cross, also known as a Trollkors is a Viking symbol that was believed to protect the wearer from trolls and other sinister forces. This kind of amulet had a similar shape to the Odal rune and was believed to be quite effective in warding off evil trolls and similar creatures that lurked in the forest. The Vikings would forge their Troll Crosses from Iron or steel, which trolls were afraid of because it would root them in place, making them harmless and incapacitated.

These iron symbols were also hammered into door frames and into buildings to protect homes from evil forces. Additionally, since steel and iron was considered a powerful repellant of evil, it would also explain what the Reginnaglar were for. The Vikings also had the tradition of placing iron and steel scissors and knives in their babies’ cradles as a means of keeping them safe from monsters.

Wear this necklace as a symbol of good luck and keep misfortune away; wearing this sacred symbol will give you the confidence to face any adversity or challenges you may encounter, knowing that you are protected and that you are bound to persevere.

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