Norse tree of life sliver
Norse tree of life sliver
Norse tree of life gold
Norse tree of life gold
Norse tree of life gold

Norse tree of life

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An intricate Silver pattern that comes together to create a pendant of the Tree of Life, also known as the Yggdrasil (ig-drae-sil).

The Yggdrasil, in Nordic mythology, was believed to be the tree that held all nine realms in its branches. There was said to be an eagle that lived on top of the tree, while a dragon, Nidhoggr (nid-hog) resided at the foot of the tree.

On the tree, the roots going towards the ground are a symbol of the acceptance of nourishment from Mother Earth while the branches that extend up into the sky symbolize the acceptance of the energy provided by Father Sun.

There have also been claims that the Tree of Life exemplifies the connection we have to our ancestors. According to the theory, the tree symbolizes the generations of a family tree, where a tree sprouts, grows, and branches out as the family expand, thus enabling the continuity of generations when the tree eventually bears fruit.

Regardless of which theory you subscribe to, we can all agree that this necklace is a reminder of the fact that no one is an island and that we are all deeply connected to the world around us and that the world is also dependent on us in its quest to grow and thrive beyond its current state.

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