Norse tree of life

Norse tree of life

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A solid vintage Norse Viking Tree of Life pendant

with a coin-like design and runic inscriptions encircling the Yggdrasil (ig-drae-sil).

There is no doubt that this is one of the most significant symbols in Nordic culture. The Tree of Life has also been found in other cultures. For example, it is found in Egyptian mythology as well as Swedish artifacts dating back to 100BC, which suggests that the concept of the tree of life may have predated the Vikings.

However, regardless of where the concept of the Tree of Life originated, in Nordic mythology, the tree of life was believed to be the thing that held up all nine realms. The Vikings believed that the Tree possessed special powers and that it was able to receive nourishment from Mother Earth through its roots and energy from Father Sun through its extended branches.

When Viking communities would find new land to settle on, they would clear out all growth and forestation but leave one tree in the middle of the settlement as a representation of the Yggdrasil. This was an important meeting point where high ranking members of the community would congregate to discuss important matters.

This Nordic jewelry is therefore not merely an ornament of beauty but a reminder that we are all intimately interconnected and that everything in the world has a single life source that makes us more closely related that we think.

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