Viking Torc Bracelet
Viking Torc Bracelet

Viking Torc Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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Viking Torc Bracelet - Sterling Silver | Norse Wristband | Two-Headed Dragon Jewelry

A ‘Torc’ referred to a large ring made of precious metal, typically open on one end and designed to be won around the person’s neck. The word was coined from the Latin word ‘Torquis’, which meant to twist into shape. These ornaments were commonly made of Silver, Gold, Bronze and other precious metals.

These metals are extremely durable, which explains why they are the most common samples archeologists have found today. As mentioned above, most Torcs were open on one end and designed to be worn permanently. However, some have been discovered with closing mechanisms and clasps.

For the Vikings, jewelry was a symbol of the wearer’s social status; ornaments were the clearest depiction of high rank and wealth. The Torc was also reserved for the honor of Vikings who rode into battle as well as for various rituals akin to Norse culture.

Although the Torc may have started as a simple ornament, over time this design of arm bracelet became heavily associated with great warriors, with some designs weighing several kilograms. It only seems appropriate to brand a person a warrior if they have to run around with several kilograms around their neck for hours on end, right?

So wear this Torc bracelet and let it remind you that you have the strength within you to push yourself to limits you never even thought possible; you are a warrior.

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