Viking Runes Twist Bead
Viking Runes Twist Bead

Viking Runes Twist Bead

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A silver Viking Rune-inscribed beard ring with a spiral/twisted design.

Viking Runes Twist Bead | Twisted Beard Bead with Norse Runes

Viking Runes might seem incomprehensible but Historians have come to the conclusion that they are a form of written language just like any other. They are 24 individual letters that were widely used by Germanic, Nordic, and even Celtic communities before the Latin alphabet was created. The Runic alphabet is also referred to as the Elder Futhark because the first six letter of the alphabet spell ‘Elder Futhark’. The oldest findings of the Rune alphabet were discovered in in the third century AD while the first sequential list of the Runic alphabet was discovered in Gotland, Sweden on the Kylver Stone.

The origins of runes can be traced back to when Germanic tribes raided people in the South in what would be present day Italy. It is a common debate amongst historians as to whether Runes originated from the Italian alphabet or the Etruscan script. It is highly likely that Germanic/Nordic tribes borrowed the alphabet from Southern communities. However, Vikings believed that Odin had discovered runes as he was exploring the, Yggdrasil, the tree of life that holds the nine realms in place.

Therefore, the Vikings deemed runes to possess magical properties and were regularly used in magical charms for healing and protection. Get yourself a rune beard bead to invoke the power of the ancient gods and bring yourself good fortune in your everyday dealings

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