Viking Rage World Tour T-Shirt black

Viking Rage World Tour T-Shirt

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A Viking Rage World Tour Classic Norse shirt that comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Viking Rage World Tour T-Shirt | Viking Shirts |  Norse / Nordic / Celtic Apparel / Clothing.

This Viking tee shirt is inspired by the Viking Rage game, which is in turn inspired by the Viking ravagers, otherwise known as the berserkers. These ancient Vikings were revered, not only for pillaging, but also for fighting fierce monsters and ghouls, and this has been perfectly portrayed in the game. But did these fierce warriors really exist? The berserkers were a Viking military establishment that existed in Scandinavia in the first Century AD; they were a medieval brotherhood of pillagers that operated under a common master, they evolved into a single noble elite group and this is the culture you represent every time you wear these Viking rage T-shirts. 

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