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Vegvisir Viking Compass amulet with runic inscriptions intricately engraved all around the pendant.

The Vegvisir (veg-vee-seer) is also known as the Runic Compass or the Viking Compass. This symbol is made of eight runic tridents running from the middle of the symbol, rising outwards in different directions to form a compass/clock-like shape. The Runic Compass was a symbol of protection and guidance and was believed to be used as a compass by kings.

The word Vegvisir directly translates to ‘signpost’ or ‘way finder’ in Icelandic and has been found in an ancient Icelandic book of spells known as the Huld manuscript. The manuscript states that, ‘If this sign is carried, the carrier will never lose their way in bad or stormy weather’.

While the Huld manuscript is believed to have been compiled over half a century after the end of the Viking age, some of its material has been associated with pre-Christian Norse religions, which has led historians to believe that The Runic Compass may have indeed been directly linked to Viking culture. However, much of the manuscript is compiled from Christianity and pagan practices from the Southern parts of Europe, hence there is no guarantee that the Vikings came up with the concept of the Runic Compass.

What we can be certain of, however, is that the Compass has been widely accepted as part of Nordic culture and is considered to have been a symbol of understanding and direction, so with this ornament you can be certain that you will always find your way through life and you never have to worry about losing your way even through the most challenging periods. You’ll always find your way home.

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