Valknut Beads
Valknut Beads
Valknut Beads
Valknut Beads

Valknut Beads

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A silver Valknut Viking rune beard bead.

Valknut Beard Bead | Viking Beard Beads | Norse Slain Warriors

The Valknut is a combination of two words; Val which means ‘slain warrior’ and Knut which means ‘Knot’. Therefore, as you can already guess, this symbol denoted the demise of a Viking warrior in battle. Historians do not always agree on this due to the fact that there is no concrete evidence, but seeing as the symbol was mostly found inscribed on Viking burial grounds and cremation urns, this is the most accurate inference we can achieve today.

The Valknut symbol is made of interlocking triangles and sometimes the triangles come in a Borromean form with three distinct interlocking triangular shapes. There is also a variation of the symbol where a unicursal line completes all triangles and makes them one.

The Valknut symbol is most commonly accompanied by depictions of wolves and ravens; the later has been associated with the transfer of souls of fallen warriors to Valhalla. Represent the Majestic Viking culture by rocking a Vulknut beard cuff and pay homage to the loved ones we have lost, all in a stylish way.

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