Triquetra Beard Bead
Triquetra Beard Bead
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Triquetra Beard Bead

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A Viking beard accessory bead with a Triquetra Celtic knot.

Triquetra Beard Beads | Celtic Knot Trinity Bead

The Triquetra is also known as the Trinity Knot. The word Triquetra is a Latin word that translates directly to Three-Corned and although the exact origin of the symbol is unknown, some historians believe that it has Indian roots since it has been spotted on Indian burial grounds that are as old as 5,000 years. It has also been found on stone carvings in Northern Europe and on Germanic coins from the 8th Century AD.

It is highly likely that the Triquetra held religious meaning to the pagan communities and even the legendary book of Kells features the symbol. The symbol bears close resemblance to the Viking Valknut symbol that is associated with the god, Odin, in Norse mythology. It also bears close resemblance with the Triple Horn of Odin, which consists of three interlocking horns that are commonly worn to display a devotion to the Asatru faith. Get yourself a Triquetra Viking beard ring to pay homage to the great Vikings of old, to invoke the power of Odin in your life, and to show reverence to the faith and beliefs associated with the Asatru faith. 

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