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Sleipnir Keychain

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Sleipnir Keychain | Odin's 8 Legged Horse Key Ring | Viking Charm Jewelry 

This is a Sleipnir Keychain that depicts Odin’s 8-Legged Horse. The word ‘Sleipnir’ means ‘The Gliding One’, which comes from the horse’s ability to travel over land, water, and air.

The horse would carry Odin across the nine worlds and his eight legs are said by historians to be a representation of the eight arms of the Solar Wheel. Sleipnir was born of a giant Stallion and the god of Mischief, Loki, and as much as the gods were apprehensive at first, Sleipnir proved himself a worthy and noble ally and has lived in Asgard amongst the gods ever since.

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