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A Nordic Viking Raven necklace with a hollowed out Raven’s skull: Plain Bronze coated pendant with no patterns or runic inscriptions.

The metal has been enhanced through oxidation to bring out a spectacular and sleek Norse design

The Raven’s skull is believed to be a representation of Odin’s ravens. In Nordic mythology, Odin was the leader of all Norse gods and he was believed to have had two ravens named Muninn and Huginn who operate as his eyes and ears into all nine realms.

This pendant is a bronze representation of these two ravens. Muninn’s purpose was to retain memory while Huginn’s purpose was to process thought. The two raven’s would leave Odin at dawn and return at dusk to perch on his shoulder and whisper all they heard seen and heard to him. The oldest raven pendant was discovered in Oland, Sweden and is believed to have been forged sometime between 600 and 700 A.D.

Ravens have, however, also been associated with the 9th century Viking legend, Ragnar Lothbrok who was said to be a descendant of Odin through a mortal woman.

This myth did not seat well with the kings in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden because it implied that Lothbrok was far more superior to them and for this reason they waged war on him. It is rumored that Lothbrok led his troops into battle with a raven banner flying behind them and every time he did so, they were victorious. Therefore, the raven amulet is not merely a symbol of wisdom and knowledge but courage and good fortune as well.

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