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A hollowed out Nordic Raven’s skull pendant with the Helm of Awe inscribed at the top of the Raven’s skull.

 Silver Pendant Necklace | Viking Jewelry Norse Nordic

This Raven’s amulet is meant to empower the wearer with the wisdom and knowledge of Odin’s ravens. Odin, who was the most powerful god in Nordic mythology, was believed to have two ravens that would leave at dawn for the mortal realm and return at dusk to whisper in Odin’s ear over dinner in Valhalla, telling him all that they had discovered.

The raven is, therefore, one of the most powerful and mysterious symbols in Nordic mythology. Simply looking at this jewelry is enough to inspire awe, fear, curiosity, and appreciation, all at the same time.

At the middle of the raven’s skull are eight tridents extending from the middle to form the Helm of Awe, which was also known as the Helm of Terror or the Aegishjalmr (eye-gis-hiowlm-er), an ancient Nordic symbol that was believed to protect the wearer from disease, illness, and misfortune.

In Nordic mythology, it was worn between the eyes and was normally inscribed in blood or saliva. This pendant is therefore meant to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of Odin’s ravens as well as the protection and good fortune of the Aegishjalmr to whoever dons it.

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