Odin Ravens hugin and munin
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Ravens Bracelet Odin Ravens hugin and munin

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A Viking bracelet with Odin's Ravens in an intricate twisted pattern | Raven Viking Bracelet

In Viking culture, Huginn and Muninn were a pair of ravens that belonged to Odin, the most significant of all gods in Norse mythology. These ravens acted as his messengers and in several depictions, they are featured perched on his shoulders.

Huginn and Muninn would leave Odin at dawn to fly around the world and would return to Odin at dusk to tell him all that they had seen. It was believed that due to the powers bestowed upon the Ravens by Odin, they were capable of traveling the world in a single day and see every single thing that had happened.

There have also been theories that Huginn and Muninn projected Odin’s consciousness; Huginn projected thought while Muninn projected Memory. Wear this bracelet for wisdom and understanding in a world full of mystery and hard decisions.

Note that this bracelet should be adjusted once, in such a way that you can take it off your wrist without having to readjust it again. Bend it with even and gentle pressure and give it a loose fit on your wrist to avoid stressing or fatiguing the metal.

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