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Raven Ring

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Norse Viking Rings: Talisman Raven Ring with metal color

The raven was a common symbol in Viking mythology and tradition. For instance, Ragnar Lodbrok, the king of the Vikings* had a banner known as Reafan embroidered with the figure of a raven. Legend has it that each time the banner fluttered during battle, Lodbrok would be set for victory, and if it hung motionless, the war would be lost. King Harald Hardrada also kept a raven banner known as Landeythan (Land-Waster).

In Celtic culture, the raven and crow were depicted as omens of death and war. Many believed that these birds were faeries who could shape-shift to start conflicts and cause death. Whenever they appeared, death was also in the vicinity.

In Nordic legends and myths, the raven is viewed to possess benevolent and magical qualities such as shape-shifting, prophecy, knowledge, bravery, cunning, trickery, eloquence, etc. This has a lot to do with the fact that Odin, the god of Æsir pantheon is sometimes known as the Raven God due to his relationship with the mystical ravens: Huginn and Muninn. The two ravens are described in a collection of Norse poems called Edda that were written over time and compiled in the 13th century. In the poems, the two birds fly around the world, listening and reporting back to Odin.

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