Raven Beard Bead
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Raven Beard Bead

Raven Beard Bead

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A Norse Beard Bead with a depiction of Odin’s raven.

The raven is one of the most iconic and mysterious creatures in Nordic mythology. This mythical creature is a symbol of knowledge, war, and the afterlife. The raven was believed to be the eyes and ears of the of the most revered god in Norse mythology, Odin. Odin had two raven companions, Huginn and Muninn, the former was a master of thought while the latter was a master of memory. They two would fly away at dawn and explore all nine realms before returning to Odin in Valhalla at dusk to tell them all they saw and heard.

Ravens were also linked with death and were said to help Valkyries in their quest to carry the souls of fallen warriors into Valhalla. This theory might have emanated from the fact that ravens would flock around dead bodies on the battlefield. They can therefore be seen as a sign of good or bad fortune depending on how you choose to look at it. Get yourself and your buddies this raven beard jewelry piece to invoke the power and insight of the raven and enhance your foresight in everything that you engage in.

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