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Gold Norse Wolf necklace
Gold Norse Wolf necklace
Sliver Norse Wolf necklace
Gold Norse Wolf necklace

Norse Wolf Head Necklace

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A gorgeous, gothic, Norse Wolf-Head necklace.

There are several facets to consider when it comes to the history of wolf symbolism in Nordic Mythology. When ridden by Odin, the wolf is a symbol of victory and power. Odin was believed to have two wolf companions called Geri and Freki, much like his two ravens, Mininn and Huginn.

The two wolves not only rode into battle with Odin but also offered him mystical wisdom and counsel. Like the ravens, Geri and Freki achieved this by traveling ahead of Odin and returning to dispense important information to him. Additionally, these supernatural creatures, aided the Valkyries in transporting fallen soldiers into Valhalla.

Also, in Nordic mythology there is the legend of Fenris-wolf, son of Loki and the giant, Angrboda, and brother to Hel, the goddess of the underworld. When the gods realized that Fenris was growing at an abnormal fast rate they bound him, but he broke every chain they put on him. The gods then called upon the dwarves who built an unbreakable chain with which the gods were able to subdue Fenris with. According to the legend, however, Fenris will escape from captivity some day and fight Odin in Ragnarok.

The wolf is one of the most enigmatic symbols in Nordic mythology, but regardless of which legend you subscribe to, one thing is for sure. He is a symbol of strength, character, and power, who cannot be stopped in whatever quest he has set his mind on. 

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