Mjolnir necklace with skull
Thor’s Hammer
Mjolnir necklace
Mjolnir necklace with skull

Mjolnir necklace

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A Silver Onyx Viking skull attached to Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir.

Mjolnir is perhaps the most widely recognizable Nordic symbols. The hammer was forged for Thor, the god of thunder, and is used in different circumstances to defeat adversaries of the gods as well as mortals.

Some theories suggest that Mjolnir was forged at Loki’s request in an attempt to apologize for cutting Sif’s (one of Thor’s wives) long beautiful hair.

However, most of the things discussed when it comes to Mjonir concerns the hammers might and its ability to kill trolls and giants who pose a threat to Valhalla and the gods. Most recently, Mjonir has been incorporated in the Marvel adaptation of Viking mythology in the movie ‘Thor’.

The hammer is believed to be sacred and that it can only be wielded by a worthy carrier. Therefore, as much as it was specifically forged for Thor alone, Mjonir has on occasion chosen other bearers based on the circumstances at play. Mjonir was considered, and still is considered, a sacred symbol that was also used to bless and hallow people and objects as Thor saw it fit.

This amulet is, as a result, a symbol of power and whoever wears it should automatically assume its strength and character, becoming more powerful than they ever thought possible 

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