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Helm of Awe Beard Bead


Helm of Awe Beard Bead
Helm of Awe Beard Bead Helm of Awe Beard Bead

A silver Helm of Awe Beard clip with an Aegishjalmur Norse symbol.

The Helm of Awe, otherwise known as the Ægishjálmr (‘EYE-gis-hiowlm-er’), was a powerful and enigmatic Norse symbol. The symbol inspires a sense of wonder and mystery simply from looking at it. The Ægishjálmr is made of eight tridents that all converge to a central point that seem to keep the core safe from any offensive. This symbol was worn by the Vikings in the middle of their forehead as a symbol of protection; it was also purposefully placed there to strike fear in the hearts of the wearers enemy the second they laid eyes on the symbol.

The Helm of Awe was drawn using either saliva or blood and this was believed to make it even more effective. The symbol has also been found inscribed inside the helmets of warriors and was meant to provide the ultimate protection on the battlefield.

The Helm of Awe is a great way to keep yourself protected and to repel any negative energy and forces of evil in all you endeavors. Wear the Ægishjálmr in a dapper beard ring and inspire courage in yourself, repel negative influences, and pull off a macho look at the same time.

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