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Thor's hammer Necklace


Thor's hammer Necklace
Thor's hammer Necklace Thor's hammer Necklace back

The Mjolnir pendant holding a mini replica of the Mjolnir (me-yol-nir): Thor's hammer. The Mjolnir is a legendary magical weapon wielded by the god, Thor, Son of Odin, Prince of Lighting and Thunder, and heir to the Throne of Asgard.

The name ‘Mjolnir’ means ‘crusher’ or ‘grinder’ and is a symbol of Thor’s power and might. 

Of all Norse mythology symbols, the Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer, odin's hammer is perhaps the most relevant and most widely recognized today.

Thor was the relentless guard of Asgard, the fortress of gods and goddesses in Norse Mythology. Legend has it that giants and forces of darkness were always trying to destroy Asgard and it was Thor’s duty to prevent these forces from succeeding.

Mjolnir was forged by dwarves for Thor to wield and the hammer never failed him; it was said to be so heavy that no one apart from Thor could lift it off the ground. Thor used Mjolnir to crash the skulls of his adversaries and whenever the Vikings heard thunder roar they knew that Thor had used the hammer to send yet another giant to his demise.

However, as much as Mjolnir was primarily used as a weapon, Thor also often used it to hallow people and things, making it both a symbol of power as well as a sacred appliance.

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