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A Sterling Silver Viking bracelet surmounted by two Dragons facing one another.

This unique armband does not form a complete circle, which technically makes it a cuff. The two dragons share the same twisted-metal body and immortally face off at the tips.

Norse culture has a wide reference for animals and creatures, but the Dragon seems to be present in numerous other cultures. Although serpents inspire fear, dragons struck dread in the hearts of men. They had the ability to devour and burn anything in their path and their skin was impervious to swords, arrows, or any weapon men could forge unless you struck them right under their abdomen. The general role of dragons was being the guardians of treasure and any hoard of treasure discovered by the Vikings was considered to have been located in a former dragon’s lair.

Depending on whom and where you ask, dragons can be deemed to be symbols of great strength, power, perseverance, wealth, and immortality. But they can also be symbols of fear, terror, and everything evil in the world.

In Viking culture, Dragons were considered evil creatures and destroyers of men. Nonetheless, no matter how you perceive dragons, we can all agree that they are powerful unbreakable creatures and this is the meaning that is brought out by this arm band. This bracelet will inspire courage, relentlessness, and perseverance in you every single day that you have it on.

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