Helm of Awe Ring - Sterling Silver

Helm of Awe Ring - Sterling Silver

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Ægishjálmr ring or Triskele ring also known as “Helm of Awe”.

The word Aegishjalmr is a multifaceted Old Norse name made up of two root words, that is ‘Aegis’ and ‘Hjalmr’. In Nordic, Aegis can be loosely translated to mean ‘shield’ and Hjalmr to mean ‘helm’.

In modern day English, the word ‘helm’ was the root for the word ‘helmet’, a form of protective gear used to prevent head injuries. As a result, there has been much debate concerning the translation of the word Aegishjalmr with the misconception that the name represents an actual, physical protective gear that was worn during war. Nonetheless, Aegishjalmr is an ancient Scandinavian runic Viking symbol popularly known as the “helm of awe.”

In Viking tradition, the Aegishjalmr symbol was worn over the forehead or as a tattoo. Legend has it that it used to be etched on the inside of battle helmets to give the wearer magical powers of protection and being overpowering. The Vikings believed that the symbol could be used the forehead with saliva or blood. In modern times, the symbol is commonly used as a necklace pendant, engraved in rings, bracelets, tattoos or printed in T-shirts.

In the middle of the symbol, there is Algiz, another symbol that signifies protection from harm and a circle which represents the wielder of Aegishjalmr who is surrounded by protective energy. It is a powerful Viking symbol that was used extensively in the era to offer protection, not only in battle, but also from mystical and physical attacks.

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