Wolf Necklace

The shy, intelligent, elusive and often misunderstood wolf is intricately embedded into delicate pieces in this collection. Every masterpiece howls elegance, perseverance, and courage. Call it a charm or simply your own, each necklace is forged in quality brass silver with details carefully embedded to create the symbol of loyalty, fierceness, and power -- for the one that stands and never back down. Necklaces are available in silver and bronzer color variants.

The wolf prides for its instincts and the heart to protect its kind. It may have lived in folktales and fairytales -- but it is also within you. Now you can wear its spirit with great pride and honor. 

Our wolf necklaces come with a variety of chain length for the perfect fitting according to your personality. These pieces are for the alpha, beta, omega and the descendants of power and strength. A timeless keepsake for your loved one or for yourself.



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