Did you know that Norse finger rings were not worn until the late Viking-age? Viking rings have often been deemed to have been Slavic in origin although there is very little evidence to support this hypothesis. Also, Viking rings were almost completely devoid of set stones, unlike rings discovered from other cultures, such as the Egyptian culture. Gem setting was an extremely popular culture during the Viking-age and was carried out with great skill and precision as is evident from other excavated cultural ornaments, for example, from the Byzantines and Franks. It seems, however, that stone setting in rings did not appeal to the Vikings’ taste in jewelry; they instead opted for engravings in their rings.

Norse rings were made of Silver, Gold, Bronze and other precious metals and were often worn as souvenirs, perhaps as gifts or wedding rings, and were also often used as currency in commercial transactions. We have a vast collection of Viking rings and wedding bands, each with unique Nordic engravings or runic inscriptions. All our rings are made of Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, and Bronze.



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