Viking Caulking


Viking chains were beautifully crafted and we aim to replicate these unique pendants to the best of our ability in order to maintain their authenticity today. Vikings pendants had specific designs, each holding a divine symbolism. For example a Mjolnir pendant was a miniature version of Thor’s hammer, which was a symbol of power and strength while a Ravens head pendant was a symbol of wisdom and knowledge inspired by Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn.

In other words, these Viking amulets were not merely for the purpose of beautification but were also hallowed emblems that held heavy significance in Norse culture. Ancient Viking chains were crafted from colorful glass beads that were mass produced to create these beautiful ornaments. Beads were also crafted from precious metals such as Silver and Gold as well as precious stones and fossils such as Amber and Resin.

There is evidence that these Nordic necklaces were often exported, having discovered them in the Baltic Sea, which was beyond Viking territory. As opposed to using beads for the chains, we prefer using hypoallergenic stainless steel or braided leather cords; we have, however, maintained the design of the pendants that hang from the chain to maintain the authenticity of Norse culture. Available pendants include the Raven’s skull, the wolf-head, the tree of life, the troll cross, and more. Take some time to read the meaning and symbolism behind each amulet to find out which symbol speaks to your Viking spirit the most.

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