Viking Caulking

Viking Bracelets

Norse bracelets were commonly worn as symbols of status and displayed the wealth and social standing of whoever donned them. Also, most commercial transactions in the Viking-age were made in Silver and other precious metals, and wearing jewelry made from such metals was the equivalent of carrying currency today.

If the ornament one wore was of a larger value than the actual transaction taking place, the pieces would be cut into smaller pieces and later remolded into whatever ornament the owner wished it to be.  The very first variation of Viking arm rings was inspired by Premium Rings from Russia; these rings were imported into Norse territories and often worn as arm rings. They were often of standard weight and plain in nature compared to subsequent Viking bracelets.

Numerous Torce style bracelets have been excavated from the Viking-age and we aim to replicate these invaluable ornaments and give them our own modern touch. We have over a dozen arm bracelets in different colors, designs, and analogies for you to choose from. Follow the link to explore our inventory.

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