Viking Caulking

Viking beard beads

This is a collection of Norse beard beads that was inspired by Viking culture. Viking beard beads were worn by passing strands of beard hair through the aperture of the bead.

When it comes to the creative decoration of the beard, the Vikings take the cake, and if you want, you too can achieve this stylish yet fierce look by getting yourself some of the beard cuffs in our collection. As long as your beard is over two inches long, you will be able to style them in the iconic braids that symbolized strength and masculinity in the Viking culture. You may be wondering what a braided beard is but it is as simple as it sounds; it’s the same interlocked pattern you will see on a person’s head or on string-like materials. The braid is then fitted into the bead’s aperture to bring out a cool, cultured, stylish look. Check out the different beard beads in our inventory and the meaning behind each of them.