Viking Caulking

Drinking Horns

From modern day Vikings at heart to the gentlemen who love to brave their way to the countryside, our Drinking Horn Collection is for everyone who cherishes a history that should not be forgotten.

In this collection, you'll get top quality, carefully polished Viking Drinking Horns that would stand out on your holsters or when showing off in table stands. They are uniquely shaped as a replica to vintage Viking Drinking Horns.

Call it your ultimate drinking vessel for rituals, gatherings, and adventures outdoors. These horns are for men and women who are not afraid to flaunt off the Scandinavian seafaring warrior that is in their hearts. For ale or wine, the inspirations of these drinking horns trace back to the Viking era, their strength and the dominance they possess to conquer distant lands. Gift it to a loved one or to yourself -- either way it does not disappoint.