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We are an online site that aim at satisfying customers both far and near providing them with the best of handcrafted Viking jewelry, we provide quality jewelry. Making sure that whatever we deliver to you are just right for your taste.

Our products include varieties of Viking rings, bracelets, necklaces made out of the best materials VIKING JEWELRY HISTORY

The Viking jewelry is dated back to the Norse people, who made beautiful rings, bracelets and necklaces and other types of jewelry from precious metals such as silver, gold, particularly the wealthy ones while the poor got theirs from bronze and fossils of animals People wore them as a sign of status, the Viking jewelry is a unisex piece, such that men and women can wear them.

The Vikings also wore jewelry as a form of currency ,such that they could remove some pieces to make payment for goods and services. They were somewhat hoarders ,they would hoard their valuables and bury them for security purposes. Another reason was because they were adventurers and fighters, so they didn’t stay in a place for so long. The various Viking jewelry items include; Necklaces, rings ,bracelets, arm rings and brooches.



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